On Your Own: Photo Opportunities

Best for: photography buffs
Season: all except true “mud” season (when the dirt roads are thawing out, usually March-April)
Interests: photography, nature appreciation
Total time: 3 hours or more, depending on your stops
Driving time: 1½ hours with no stops

COST:  $35 for download of tour instructions and locations...which will be available soon!

This is designed for those who are interested in driving from one scenic spot to another.  (If you have others to entertain, see the sister tour to this one–“Photo Opportunities (With Others)”.)

We include four stops: a dirt road with sheep,

dairy and beef cows in pastures; an off-the-beaten-track pond; another back road that meanders past character-filled homes and some nice overlooks; plus a famous “100-mile-view”.  Great potential for wildlife viewing as well (deer, moose and bear are seen frequently).  

We’ve also included a couple of options for lunch along the way.