On Your Own: Season's Bounty

(Summer & fall)            
Best for: ALL AGES (including kids)
Season:  Memorial Day-Colombus Day
Interests: gardening, photography, nature appreciation, local food, meals, animals
Total time: 4-5 hours
Driving time: the longest time in-between stops will be about 40 minutes driving

COST:  $35 for download of tour instructions and locations...which will be available soon!

This trip is for those with an appreciation for a freshly picked fruit... the sights of flowers in bloom.... and back road drives that give you time to slow down and look for wildlife.

This trip features five stops:
    *an old-fashioned diner

–complete with a replica of a railroad dining car which you can eat in; back yard chickens for the ultimate in “farm-fresh eggs”; ice cream featuring the flavors of the season

    *a garden center known for great prices on perennials and friendly service

    *(July & August) an organic blue berry patch waiting for you to pick-your-own blueberries; they also have gorgeous displays of irises (May) and daylilies (from June through frost, peak in July); friendly dog antics and more chickens (ONLY OPEN ON WEEKENDS)

    *(June & July) pick-your-own strawberries... but not to be missed at other times of the year!  This is a farm stand/garden center combination, which features locally grown fruits and vegetables, including great baked goods, made on-site, and soft-serve ice cream.  They also have an extensive assortment of annuals, perennials, bushes and small trees.

    *a garden center well known to all the locals to “always” have whatever you might look for (we once counted 10 different types of hydrangeas for sale) and extremely reliable plant advice; it also features water plants and a small water feature. Kids love to explore the trees for sale and go through their greenhouses.