On Your Own: Flower Power

Best for: ALL AGES (including kids)
Season: mid-April through end of October
Interests: gardening, photography, nature appreciation, local food, meals, animals
Total time: 4-5 hours minimum (greatly depends on how long you browse at each place)
Driving time: the longest time in-between stops will be about 40 minutes driving

COST:  $35 for download of tour instructions and locations...which will be available soon!

This trip focuses on those who like to garden–particularly flower garden--and if you like plants, you might really enjoy more time to linger.  We have found ourselves

pondering our own potential display combinations longer when the children are not there to interrupt us–but most of the time, our kids love to come along!  If you want to do this trip with active, young children, just plan on less time for dreaming!  

This trip features four stops:
    *a nursery/farm specializing in unique, speciality annuals and hanging baskets–plus every kind of vegetable starter you could imagine; organically grown fields for their own vegetables for sale at the stand; a state-of-the-art greenhouse; well-kept and joyful display gardens; plants organized by color and light requirement; very knowledgeable and cheerful staff who can advise you well; a small area for young children to climb and play (including an old-fashioned rocking horse)...

    *a stop for lunch at a co-op with many options of “slow food” already prepared

    *a garden center well known to all the locals to “always” have whatever you might look for (we once counted 10 different types of hydrangeas for sale) and extremely reliable plant advice; it also features water plants and a small water feature; kids love to explore the trees for sale and go through their greenhouses...

    *a farm stand/garden center combination featuring locally grown fruits and vegetables (in season)–including great baked goods made on-site and ice cream; they also have an extensive assortment of annuals, perrenials, bushes and small trees; in June to usually early July, you can also pick-your-own strawberries...