On Your Own: Photo Opportunities--With Others!

Best for: photography buffs--who have others to entertain at the same time
Season: all except true “mud” season (when the dirt roads are thawing out, usually March-April)
Interests: photography, nature appreciation,
Total time: 3 hours or more, depending on your stops
Driving time: 1½ hours with no stops

COST:  $35 for download of tour instructions and locations...which will be available soon!

This is designed for those who are interested in driving from one scenic spot to another.... and includes a hike that will bring you even better views when you get out and stretch your legs.

We include four points of interest:

a dirt road with sheep, dairy and beef cows in pastures; an off-the-beaten-track pond; a hike; and a famous “100-mile-view”.  There is potential for wildlife viewing as well (deer, moose and bear are seen frequently).

We’ve also included a couple of options for lunch along the way.