June 8: Heifer Stroll Tours

Go see a real working dairy farm--the same afternoon as the Heifer Stroll. 

Tickets are $10 per person, with a maximum of $30 per family. You can purchase on-line... or at Vermont Fascination's booth at Strolling of the Heifers.  The tour tops out at 20 people, so buy the tickets early!

You'll arrive at the farm at 3 PM, and your host will tour you through their various operations.  This is an organic dairy farm, with very diverse ecology and landscape.  As the farm puts it, "Making the best use of all our resources keeps our lives interesting--and enables us to keep farming here!"

They have 75 acres of open land (mostly on hillsides), where they grow hay and pasture their dairy cows from May until November.  Another 200 acres of wood is logged, which supplies their farm's heat and hot water--and a good crop of maple syrup each spring. 

They calve in about 30 cows in the spring and the fall, and those adorable babies will be happy to see all the visitors.  The baby calves are raised with specifically designated "nurse cows"--something not normally done in commercial dairying--which has shown great improvements for the calves' health.  "We haven't fed a half dozen bottles to babies since we started in 2008.  And we have only treated one calf for pneumonia--none for scours." 

Pastures provide about 80% of the dry matter intake for the milking herd, from early May through mid-September.  Cows graze once a day through October and into November, too.  "This makes for very happy cows!  The organic pay price has made all of this possible."

Enjoy the tour of the dairy cows & calves... stop by the hens, broiler chickens and the pigs... and end your visit at their farm store. 

Buy your tickets now!  

Tickets are $10 per person, with a maximum of $30 per family.  If purchasing online,  bring your paypal receipt as your ticket.   We'll send you directions about where to meet.