29 May 2013

Where Did We Go?

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How Memorial Day Visit Turned Out

Where Did We Go?

May 29, 2013

After a whirlwind visit of six days, everyone has returned back home safely.

It's amazing how planning the day's activities out ahead of time made things more enjoyable.  We've sometimes tried to just "wing it", but inevitably, people just do better with at least the outline of a plan. 

Like we have done at Vermont Fascination with the downloadable tours, we have listed out places to go.  But you can, of course, invert the schedule.  Or skip something.  Or add in an extra stop that you see along the way.

After all, vacation is supposed to have some sense of serendipity to it!

(The photo is from one of our newest tours, based on what my family did and how well it was so well received by so many different ages.)