12 July 2013

Taking Time To Enjoy

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No Matter Where We Are...

Taking Time To Enjoy

As the blog says, a "slice of life from Vermont"... This was a regular day today--in every way except that it is truly extraordinary.

Today kids played outside.  Today adults worked.  Then we watched an all-stars softball game.  The kids ate hot dogs and slushees.  The friends wanted to go swimming--and so did the dogs--so we all jumped into our own pond. Finally, as the sun was truly setting (and the mosquitos were really biting), we came home to a feast of hamburgers and chips, followed by ice cream treats.

But today I remembered to appreciate it--all of it:  the friendship of the kids and the adults, the joy of the long days of sunlight, the feeling of satisfaction when you can say "yes" to a child's hope of frolicking in water, the laughter that bubbles up when you see the dogs playing with the kids in the pond. 

I hope that your vacation time in Vermont leave you with all of this, too!  (And if you are not here, I hope that your day held some extraordinary ordinary moments, too!)