30 July 2013

Music Abounds!

Posted in Family, Brattleboro

Free Family Fun

Tonight I took my youngest child and joined a group of friends for the perfect New England night.

The town of Brattleboro--like many surrounding communities--takes advantage of the long daylight hours and beautifully warm summer evenings to celebrate our area's rich musical talent.

Tonight's offering was a collection of light and happy tunes played by a great little band called Jazzberry Jam.  While their melodic tones gently rolled from the gazebo, the youngest played games of hide-and-seek around a statue.  A man danced with his grade-school-age daughter.  The children devoured the fifty-cents-a-bag, just-made popcorn, washing it down with the lemonade for 25 cents.

The West River could be seen in the far background, the stately grounds of the Retreat slept on below, the noise of the town's traffic seemed far away.

Perfect evening for wonderful music. 

And it was all free for just getting ourselves organized enough to show up!