01 August 2013

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Yellow Barn Music Festival Yet Another Option

Did you know that southern Vermont hosts a "vibrant chamger music center of international repute"?

When a friend had tickets to this famous "Yellow Barn" in the little town of Putney (about 10 minutes away from Brattleboro), I thought I should jump at the chance to attend.  I've heard about it for years.

This is not the same type of concert as the free "music in the park" series I mentioned in yesterday's blog.  This a serious concert, with a more serious form of music, played by some seriously, extraordinarily talented musicans from all around the globe.

To quote from the Yellow Barn's on materials:

"That small summer gathering (in 1969) has evolved into a vibrant chamber music center of international repute, where outstanding musical thinkers and performers of different generations meet to exchange ideas, inspire each other, and be challenged to explore and experiment with repertoire ranging from the 17th to 21st centures, often influenced by the presence of composers in residence. 

"In the course of Yellow Barn's main five-week summer season in July and early August, there are more than 40 chamber music concerts, public masterclasses, pre-concert discussions and community outreach events."

While the music styles were not necessarily all to my personal tastes :), the focus, energy, passion and skill of the performers blew me away!  If you are traveling to this area--and you like music--you may well want to add this to your famous list of "things to do".