19 March 2013

Kids Stay Up Late to Play In Snow

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What's More Important? Sleep or Playing in Snow with Friends?

Kids Stay Up Late to Play In Snow

Snow today–the nor’easter bringing southern Vermont about 12 inches.  The ground was looking fairly bare, but now we’re back to true winter scenes!

I often think our children just don’t know how good they have it living in this area.  They were home from school–a good call since roads were very slick indeed.  

But by the time it mostly tapered off in the early evening, the snowbound emerged from their homes to play in what could well be our last significant snowfall of this winter.

In true neighborhood fashion, we already had several kids here–but one more showed up via snow mobile just as we were about to sit down for supper.  What else do you do but invite one more to sit with us all around the table?
Duly nourished, the snow boards, sleds–and shovels to build the ever-popular-jumps–all appeared.  Under the side lights from the house, in perfect 30 degree temperatures, all of them settled into serious “jump competition”–as the dogs ran barking alongside during their descent.

As much as I didn’t want to, I did feel I had to break it up when all their bedtimes were being passed.  After all, school WILL return tomorrow!

 (Photo is real--so since they were under such poor light, it's not the greatest quality.  But I thought you'd want to see the actual group!)