05 July 2013

Kids in the Strawberry Patch

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A Happy Mess!

Kids in the Strawberry Patch

During the holiday weekend, we searched around for some memory-making-moments for the youngest of our group.  Only 18 months old, what could she do that would also entertain the 14, 12 and 8 year olds?

We decided on strawberry picking.  The season is rapidly coming to a close, and you have to search a bit more for smaller berries than we did a few weeks ago.  But the sheer enjoyment of eating a sun-warmed berry remains!

To the 18-month old, the strawberry field is just a giant smorgasbord.  We did wonder, however, if she would be more suited to a grape-smashing festival somewhere... as tip-toeing through the strawberry plants (and even her mother's carefully picked flat!) was not on her plans!

(And by the way, the photo is from her 14-year-old cousin.)