06 July 2013

Fun With Animals

Posted in Family, Brattleboro

(And Fun For the Kids, Too!)

Fun With Animals

Is there anything much cuter than little baby animals? 

How about little kids playing with little baby animals?

We took the youngest two of our group, the 18 month-old and 8 year-old, to a place sure to delight:  a local petting zoo.  (We have this in our own tours, too, under the "tours on your own".)

We saw chicks hatching...  baby goats just days old... baby sheep with their mommas... gracious steers who were only too happy to provide your hand with a lick... minature horses that seemed sized exactly right for their little visitors....

We played with the bouncy horse, and we petted the oh-so-calm rabbits.  Although our visitors didn't want to do it themselves, they were happy to watch other little friends play in the kitchen area, and others pretending to be farming with their toy tractors.

A fantastic two hours or so--incredibly well spent!