04 June 2013

Franklin Farm Photo Shoot

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The Grazing Herd Enjoying Evening Meal

Franklin Farm Photo Shoot

I've never been literally in the middle of a herd of cows that paid less attention to me than today's selected photo shoot!

These cows, owned by Mary Ellen & David Franklin and their sons, was so intent on eating that being in the midst of them seemed like being surrounded by rather serene lawn mowers!

The Franklins are hosting a tour that Vermont Fascination is arranging for this coming Saturday, June 8th, during Heifer Stroll.  This lovely farm family has been here for eight generations (!) and has found their calling in organic dairying on a small scale, using nurse cows to raise their replacement heifers, and utilizing their pasture as the primary source of feed.

Check out the full story on the guided tours sectoin... and join us this weekend if you can.  We think this tour will likely sell out quickly!  (We will limit the number so that everyone who is there can have all their questions asked and answered.)