20 May 2013

Bear & Wildlife

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What Else Is Out There?

Bear & Wildlife

May 20, 2013

Jill’s day started too early when the bear (well, maybe yet another bear?) passed through at 4.30 AM.  The dogs wanted to sleep in, too!

I can't show you a photo of the bear, but I can show you our "bear dogs" that alert us to their presence!

If you’ve read many of these blog posts, you’ve already read about how we know that the bear are here. 

I don't get photos of the bear, as they are here for such a short time that it's virtually impossible.  They also don't appear on a regular schedule!  (We have friends that have lived here all their lives that have never seen a bear or a moose... and others see them nearly every year.)

It’s really pretty amazing that we don’t notice them more often, when you think how many times the dogs obviously smell them in the middle of the night.  There are also many times that the dogs bark during the day, chasing something over the edge of the bank.  It’s just impossible to know what is really around here all the time–if you don’t see it each time.

On the “photo opportunities” tour we put together, we have included driving paths that we know many people have seen wildlife on.  No guarantees, but you just never know!