15 May 2013

Photo Shoot of Beef

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Beautiful Day to Be Out With the Herd!

Photo Shoot of Beef

The Farm Fest publicity needed a photo of the pasture-raised beef. Between their curiosity and the dogs’ joy in chasing them around, the photo shoot turned out quite well!

11 May 2013

Education Matters

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Arts Night Slow Down

Education Matters

“Hurry, Mom, we have to get to Art Night!”

05 May 2013

Bears & Kids?

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How Much Time Should There Be Between Kids & Bears in Same Location?

8.28... Our 7-year-old daughter puts away her bike in the garage.
8.30... Our 14-year-old son closes up the chickens...

04 May 2013

Gallery Walk & Diversity Day

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Gallery Walk Held Every First Friday Night in Each Month

...Gallery Walk is an interesting event that has no real overseer... it’s more of an organic event.  For the past five or ten years now, Brattleboro has become increasingly well known as an “arts town”. 

01 May 2013

Farm Fest Details

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Homemade Ice Cream? Maple Syrup? Local Beef?

Farm Fest Details

... we’ll feature the Robb Family Farm beef. What other local foods make sense?  A neighbor suggested pasta with dandelion pesto... but we’ve opted for a more traditional, kid-palate-pleasing macaroni & Vermont cheese. 

16 April 2013

Baby Chicks!

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Thinking About a Tour of Chickens!

Baby Chicks!

Baby chicks arrived to our home this morning!

Many people–throughout the United States–have started to raise their own chickens.  The appeal of having your own “farm fresh” eggs is strong... as well as just the simple joy of watching chicken antics.

06 April 2013

Audubon Society Offers Options

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How Do I Fit This In?

Audubon Society Offers Options

Should I join the “Woodcock Watch” on April 18 at 7 PM?   The “Bird Watching Along the Connecticut” on April 27?  Maybe “Putney Wildflowers and Birds” on May 5? Warbler Walk on May 11?

01 April 2013

Will Winter Ever Leave?

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Mom and Son Want Different Seasons...

Lucky for us, we celebrate all four seasons–sometimes just in the month of April alone!  

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