12 April 2013


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Spring Will Come?


Although the world is turning white again (hopefully briefly), it is a beautiful site to see.  Many Vermonters call the late snows “poor man’s fertilizer”: as soon as it melts, the grass turns very green very fast!

08 April 2013

Vermonters Eating Local

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One of the Reasons Vermont Fascination Exists!

Vermonters Eating Local

“Four years ago when the first Farm to School Conference was held in Brattleboro, about 30 people showed up to talk about ways to bring more locally grown food into the school system. Since then the number of schools across the state with school gardens has grown to about 55 percent..."

06 April 2013

Audubon Society Offers Options

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How Do I Fit This In?

Audubon Society Offers Options

Should I join the “Woodcock Watch” on April 18 at 7 PM?   The “Bird Watching Along the Connecticut” on April 27?  Maybe “Putney Wildflowers and Birds” on May 5? Warbler Walk on May 11?

03 April 2013

Area Rich With Musical Offerings

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So Many Choices, So Little Time...

This area continues to astonish me with its rich musical offerings.

Brattleboro is only 12,500 citizens strong–but apparently nearly everyone has some artistic talent!

02 April 2013

A Movie Filmed Right Here?

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Community Gets to See Local Farm In Movie

"Northern Borders tells the story of ten year-old Austen Kittredge, who is sent by his father to live on his grandparents’ Vermont farm...

01 April 2013

Will Winter Ever Leave?

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Mom and Son Want Different Seasons...

Lucky for us, we celebrate all four seasons–sometimes just in the month of April alone!  

30 March 2013

Easter Egg Hunt!

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How many kids does it take to find about 1,000 eggs?

Easter Egg Hunt!

What a great day here!  Our first day that feels like SPRING with temperatures in the upper 50s.  (For Vermonters, that typically means going down to shorts and short sleeved shirts after our long winter of layers upon layers of clothing!)

We are enjoying this day fully by by hosting a full scale Easter egg hunt: 1000+ plastic eggs, all filled with one piece of candy (unless Mom looked away and the children could stuff more in)....  40+ kids scrambling downhill and uphill, bags in hand, searching away... and dogs running around the kids, joining in the fun!

19 March 2013

Kids Stay Up Late to Play In Snow

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What's More Important? Sleep or Playing in Snow with Friends?

Kids Stay Up Late to Play In Snow

Snow today–the nor’easter bringing southern Vermont about 12 inches.  The ground was looking fairly bare, but now we’re back to true winter scenes!

I often think our children just don’t know how good they have it living in this area.  They were home from school–a good call since roads were very slick indeed. 

19 March 2013

Town Meeting Day

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Civility Reigns

Today I participated in a truly unique tradition: our town’s annual Town Meeting.

It usually goes on for about 6-8 hours.  This one had a lot of discussion, and we surpassed the normal–by a lot.  We started at 8.30 AM and finally concluded at 9.50 PM.  (And yes, we did break a couple of times, but not for longer than an hour!)

16 March 2013

Sugar-On-Snow Supper

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One of my favorites...

Sugar-On-Snow Supper

We are participating in one of my favorite Vermont activities tonight: a sugar-on-snow supper hosted in a local church basement.

This event was first introduced to me by my dyed-in-the-wool-Vermonter husband back when we met.  It is a tradition to not explain too much about the “sugar on snow” dessert to "flat landers" (like me). 

02 March 2013

Sugaring Kind of Day!

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Smell of maple in the air!

Sugaring Kind of Day!

Today definitely feels like a Vermont late winter/dreaming of spring day–there is the smell of maple syrup in the air!

30 December 2012

What Is That Near the Bird Feeder?

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There Are Reasons for Wildlife Department "Suggestions"!

Scene on Tuesday afternoon, about 2 PM.  Location, 26 Country Hill.  Right here in the middle of definitely what we'd all call "town living" in Brattleboro.


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