Behind the Scenes

Isn't it fun to know what goes on "behind the scenes"?  (But so difficult to do when you don't know where or who to talk with?)

Well, we can get you onto farms and into craft studios that are happy to host you for about 30 minutes at a time.

Our downloadable tours work at any time, because they are businesses that are open at speciifc times, and ready for visitors. The farmers and artisians we know would love to show you around and answer all your questions--as long as they have prior notice and can work it into their schedules for the day. 

We think it is only fair to pay the farmers for their hosting--but we take care of that so that your visit is purely conversational.

Please contact us about what you'd like to see  or learn and let us craft a specific itinerary for you with behind the scenes tours of farms or production sites.  Below is a current listing of areas we have established contacts with. 

Price is $85 per 30 minute visit; group size is limited to 10 (there may be flexibility in some places).

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have a more specific request to talk about!

    *Organic vegetable farms
    *Organic flower raising
    *Sheep rearing & lambing
    *Beef farms
    *Dairy farms
    *Chicken farms
    *Pick-your-own seasonal fruit
    *Cheese making viewing     
    *Winery tasting
    *Micro-breweries visits
    *Textile & fiber artistians
    *Stained glass
    *Pottery & ceramics
    *Glass blowing