About Us

The people who have brainstormed these trips all come from different regions.

julie*Julie is  a 'true Vermonter', having grown up and helped her grandparents farm in the Green Mountain State.  While she has always loved living here, as an adult she really recognizes and values all that this state has to offer.  Julie is also currently the General Manager of the Strolling of the Heifers, whose world-famous parade and Expo was just voted one of the Top 10 Summer Festivals in America.

*Suzanne is a more recent entry to southern Vermont, who grew up just outside of New York City.  She says that, most of her life, she could never imagine living outside of "The City."  But now, as mother of young children, it just seemed right to be here. In fact, Suzanne and her husband have just resurrected a long-standing country store in Gulford (just outside of Brattleboro).  Watch for more information as they open--soon!

*Jill is originally from Illinois, and has lived in a couple other countries before moving here for her job. She often notes that she never really considered Vermont as her destination… but now it would be hard to imagine her life anywhere else. Jill's company, the parent company of Vermont Fascination, is Global Cow.

Quite honestly, none of us are really the type to hire "tour guides" for ourselves.

But sometimes, we have found it just helps to have a local be able to share special spots that you shouldn't miss. (Great hikes? Special photo ops? Bed & Breakfasts that are special?) We do realize more and more that the gift of just being with our families & friends (or sometimes just by ourselves!)--without having to research, organize and play tour guide is often a good thing!

We invite you to sit back and dream a little about what Vermont offers for you...